Setting the Stage

This campaign will focus upon the exploration of Va’el, a continent that once held kingdoms of great power that are now mere shadows of there former selves. Magic, while rare, maintains a strong presence throughout the land. Mythical beasts roam the lands and artifacts lay buried in tombs waiting once more to be used on the battlefield. The gods play an active hand in events throughout the land, but whether they do it for their worshipers or their own agendas is unknown. Some mortals in the past have claimed the title of the Blessed, living deities. None know of their location after the Battle of Bronze Rock, a war of epic proportions that happened 3,000 years ago and brought upon the decline of many powerful civilizations.

The focus will be upon Arkansadia and the regions surrounding it. Arkansadia is a vast grassland known for its yellow fields, ruling city states and the steep cliffs that separate land from sea. To the north-east are the mountains of Gilmor, home to those of subterranean nature and the creatures lurking deep inside the chasms. To the south are the untamed forests of Ryaldell, a wild land touched by the fey. Finally there is Morne, a rocky desert riddled with ruins of a once great civilization.

The village you begin in is Goldcrest, a small establishment upon a hill that got it’s name from the stark contrast of the brown ground to the bright yellow of the wheat fields surrounding it. Goldcrest sits in the domain of the city-state Landow, known for its leader, Lord Barnik, and the state’s affinity for Lathander, god of renewal . The local drunk Miff speaks of a rumor that a force of wolf men have been growing in the north, while the priest Maldrin has been receiving complaints of a restless spirit dancing in the meadows at dawn.

Races: All core are available
Classes: all available
Deities: Forgotten Realms

Setting the Stage

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